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Our Approach to Awards

In 2019 Art Fund wound up its regional groups. Members in Warwickshire then founded their own local group with these intentions

  • for the group itself, to further our interest and knowledge of visual art through lectures, visits and art-based holidays. These activities raise funds.
  • to make awards in order to further the cause of art and artists. For practical purposes ‘art’ principally means pictures, ceramics and sculpture, as well as other art forms, e.g. photography and installations

What can AFW Awards be used for?

Awards could cover the following areas,

  • art as therapy
  • community support
  • the promotion of art and the appreciation of art, for example through an organisation like Open Studios
  • possibly, assistance with art produced by Warwickshire artists and bought for the benefit of the community
  • projects which develop skills relevant to artistic development and to success as an artist

Other considerations

  • we want to support Warwickshire-based art
  • we would like to support particular projects rather than core funding- something which might not go ahead without our award, or would go ahead in a different way.
  • we would not normally cover the total cost of a project.
  • we would seek some public acknowledgement of our support.
  • innovation would be good.
  • we would not normally consider projects under £500.
  • we only make donations to projects or organisations that have a business bank account
  • we need feedback on how the grant has been used and how it has added value

To apply for an award, please complete the form which can be found HERE

For contact details for the Awards Committee and Terms of Reference click HERE

Whom have we supported

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