Awards from funds raised by Art Friends Warwickshire ensure the
support of art-related projects. If you need support for a project,
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How to make a recommendation?

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Members of the Awards Committee are:

Faith Matthews

Veronica Cutler

Brian Phillips



1. The Awards Committee acts as a sub-committee of the Art Friends Warwickshire Committee and has been set up to advise on the disbursement of that part of the Art Friends Warwickshire Fund allocated by the Art Friends Warwickshire Committee, the “pot”.
2. The sub-committee is composed of 3 members of Art Friends Warwickshire selected by the Art Friends Warwickshire committee.
3. Prior to each Art Friends Warwickshire Committee meeting, the chair of the sub-committee will report to the Art Friends Warwickshire secretary on the recommended disbursement of the “pot”. There may be nothing to report.
4. An annual report of the past year’s disbursement of the “pot” will be made to the Art Friends Warwickshire Annual Meeting.
5. The sub-committee may ask Art Friends Warwickshire members for suggestions on the disbursement of funds via the Newsletter and the website.
6. Awards from the “pot” should principally be allocated within Warwickshire, with non-local awards being considered where appropriate.

A business account

Our application process is simple.  There is one important requirement.  We only give to projects or organisations that have a business bank account.