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Designer, Tim Robottom, Brink Contemporary Arts

The Leamington Mural – Press Releases

April 2024

Contact: Dianne Page 07918 165766

Local Art Lovers Fund Mural for Victorian Leamington Spa

Funded by a group of local art lovers, a striking mural now graces the gable-end wall of a terraced house in Leamington Spa. Designed by Tim Robottom, supported by lead artist, Gordon Landsburgh, the 7-meter-high Art Nouveau-style painting, reflects the Victorian architecture of Shrubland Street Primary School opposite the mural inspired by the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha. Sponsored by fund-raisers Art Friends Warwickshire, Brink Contemporary Arts is now able to add yet another beautiful mural to their twenty or more pieces which can be seen throughout the Leamington Mural Festival.


When I was a child, some house walls were painted as massive advertisements for chocolate, cigarettes and grate-blacking,’ says David Howells, chair of Art Friends Warwickshire. ‘Today our streets display exciting new murals which are works of art, both traditional and modern, and lift the spirits.’

Referring to the design, which includes gentle autumnal colours, Tim Robottom adds: ‘Mucha produced a series of paintings depicting the four seasons and I hope that this autumn-themed mural will stimulate other sponsors to follow Art Friends Warwickshire to fund the remaining seasons over time.

I anticipate that this mural will attract attention of enthusiasts not only in this country but beyond. Street art is taking off in many cities of Europe. Lyons, twinned with Birmingham, has long had a mural tourist trail and now Britain is following on with Southend-on-Sea regarded as the leader.’

Robottom is clear about the festival’s aims: ‘We hold three important values – nurturing creativity, health and wellbeing, and town regeneration. We depend on private donations and with the help of funding from Art Friends Warwickshire we can expand the Leamington Mural Festival Street Art Trail and bring art appreciation and creativity further into the community of Shrubland Street and more widely into the town as a whole.’


Art Friends Warwickshire is a not-for-profit organisation which raises funds to promote art for the future across the county. . Past funding includes art projects for schools, hospitals and community art.

Leamington Mural Festival and Brink Contemporary Arts is an annual, year-long visual arts festival. Comprising murals, street art and graffiti installations, its aim is to lift the mood of the town of Royal Leamington Spa through public art. Over the last ten years it has been turning the town into a hotspot for street art while contributing to its development as a hub for community creativity and the arts. Insta: @leamingtonmuralfestival

Tim Robottom was born only a mile away from the location of the mural and later won a coveted scholarship to do a Masters at Birmingham College of Art. A lover of youth theatre, his time at Coventry’s Pattisons Dance Academy drew him more towards break dancing and body-popping, related strongly to graffiti art.

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) Czech born, he was famous for his Art-Nouveau illustrations used in literature, packaging and posters promoting Sarah Bernhardt theatre, cigarettes and champagne.


7 August 2023

Contact: Dianne Page 07918 165766

Funding for new mural announced

Art Friends Warwickshire has announced its funding of a major new mural for Leamington Mural Festival to be unveiled in October. Confirming the award of around three thousand pounds, chairman of Art Friends Warwickshire, David Howells, met with designer, Tim Rowbottom of Brink Contemporary Arts, to discuss the project at Art in the Park, where Brink was demonstrating mural painting.

The design and location of the mural are secret for now but I can reveal that it will reflect the era of the Victorian terrace where the chosen gable-end is situated,’ said Howells. ‘Thanks to the fund-raising of members of Art Friends Warwickshire, we can add yet another striking mural to the growing number of artworks appearing around Leamington,’ added Robottom.

Caption: Designer, Tim Robottom, Brink Contemporary Arts (right), demonstrates to David Howells, chairman of Art Friends Warwickshire (left), the technique to be used for the mural the group will fund this autumn.

Note to editors:

Art Friends Warwickshire is a not-for-profit organisation which raises funds to promote art for the future across the county. .

Leamington Mural Festival is an annual event that runs from January to December. Comprising of murals, street art and graffiti installations, its aim is to lift the mood of the town through public art. Insta: @leamingtonmuralfestival