Whom we have supported

To date (1 October) Art Friends Warwickshire has made 23 awards

These are the awards made since the start of Art Friends Warwickshire

Awarded in 2023

The total value, to date (1 October) in 2023, is £ 11,720

The Leamington Mural Festival – £2940

The Leamington Mural Festival runs throughout the year providing public art. The project which AFW has sponsored will be painted on the side of a terraced building. It will commemorate the opening of the Shrubland Street Community Primary School, in the 1890s. Also, it will be an addition to the Leamington Street Art Trail which promotes health and well-being as well as regeneration and creativity in the town. Work will start in September/October. Keep an eye open on social media as it is predicted to be very popular locally, nationally and internationally.

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Escape Arts, Nuneaton – £1990

More public art will be seen in Nuneaton when the headquarters of the town’s Heritage Centre will have a ceramic mural to brighten up the exterior organised by Escape Arts. The motto is ‘Bringing people together through creativity and culture to support wellbeing and inspire strong communities.’

A leading artist will be engaged to produce a bespoke piece of work highlighting specific important historic events which are directly linked with Nuneaton e.g. Stanley Bricks, George Eliot etc. A collaborative approach will be adopted to allow students at the Centre to assist in the design. https://www.escapearts.org.uk/

Leamington LAMP – £1350

Leamington LAMP is a non-profit company that delivers arts education to autistic young people aged 14-19, mainly those whose education is disrupted due to their condition. AFW has agreed to fund 5 panels so the students’ work can be displayed. Previously LAMP borrowed those AFW sponsored at All Saints church, for their external displays but would like their own for permanent use in their premises. https://www.leamingtonlamp.co.uk/

Dunchurch Open Studios 2023 – £1000

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Art in the Park Leamington 2023 – £1000

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Cat Hamilton, artist – £1000

We match-funded a special computer with which Cat creates her artworks. These are printed on either aluminium or in acrylic


Warwick University – £2000

We contributed to Warwick University’s ‘Making Paintings’ programme for Primary Schools.

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Awarded in 2022

The total value in 2022 was £9,986

All Saints Church, Leamington – £1000

We funded display boards for paintings and similar works of art to be used for local exhibitions and are available for hire. To see more detail click HERE


The Mead Gallery, Warwick University – £2500

The Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre received a donation in support of their autumn/winter exhibition Radical Landscapes. To see more detail click HERE


Art in the Park, Leamington 2022 – £900

The general event has exhibitors in many art forms, mainly painting and pottery. We funded tailor-made workshops, depending on age and ability, so there is maximum enjoyment and challenge.

Within the whole event are a number of community outreach workshops which we are funding. These are run both face-to-face and digitally. Art is a well-known therapy for mental illness, especially when the artwork is  displayed at the festival. The workshops are tailor-made, depending on age and ability, so there is maximum enjoyment and challenge.


Culturefest exhibition at Hill Close Gardens, Warwick – £1050.

We part-funded the photographic exhibition by Catriona Dunnett, a local artist. She converts digital photographs into contact negatives to create handcrafted prints. This project was part of Culturefest, which is developed in support of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Her photographs are of aspects of the gardens, displayed in an innovative way across the summerhouses throughout the gardens so as to provide an interactive trail for families.


Sculpture in Willow at Priors Marston school – £500

To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee a willow sculpture made a local artist and involved all the children at the school. For images and background click HERE


Warwickshire Artisans, Creative Café – £1000

A creative workshop programme of 10 sessions with a focus on improving well-being through art isbased in Wootton Wawen. Eight participants had their first session at the beginning of May. There is a range of ages, a single mother of 3 young children to an 80 year old. Most participants were struggling with getting out and about post Covid.


Warwickshire Open Studios 2022 – £1000

An award to the central organising body to support their two-week summer show in Coventry and Warwickshire.


Dunchurch Open Studios 2022 – £1000

An award to support their participation in during the Warwickshire Open Studios 2022


Coventry ArtSpace – £1,060

An award to support residencies for two emerging artists this charity’s premises.

Coventry ArtSpace is a charity dedicated to supporting and developing the visual arts in Coventry for the benefit of its citizens. The residencies provide space in which to work together with mentoring on how to promote their activities.


Awarded in 2021

The total value in 2021 was £1,500

Art in Dunchurch 2021 – £500

An award towards publicity materials and insurance during Warwickshire Open Studios 2021.


“Healing Arts – Artie” – £1000

Towards art materials for patients at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire