Annual meeting and talk on works at Upton House Tuesday, 4 April, 14.00.   Kineton Village Hall. Learn about the stories behind the purchases at Upton House, where the art was bought, from whom. For details see Annual Meeting and Upton House   A Visit to Kelmscott Manor Wednesday, 3 May. For details see Kelmscott Manor   Tour of Yorkshire 25-29 June.   Visit to Stanley Spencer Museum and Sandham Memorial Chapel Tuesday, 11 July.  All day trip.   Visit to Stowe Wednesday, 30 August       Past events CLICK HERE for more information        

Attending and Applying for Tickets to in-person Events

At live meetings, we will make every effort to accommodate requests for mobility and access support and for any disability including those hard of hearing. Please notify us well in advance of any requirements and we will also indicate where you may request on-site parking or whether there is a PA system or wi-fi access. You are welcome to bring equipment to facilitate your hearing needs.