Privacy Policy

  1. In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, this policy outlines how we process the data of our members or supporters and the rights of our members or supporters with regard to their data.
  2. The Committee of Art Friends Warwickshire (AFW) is the Data Controller.
  3. Art Friends Warwickshire may hold the following personal information about our members or supporters:
    Name; Address; Telephone/mobile numbers; E-mail address
    This information is requested yearly and only that given by members or supporters is stored. In addition, Art Friends Warwickshire may request sensitive personal information, such as bank details, dietary requirements, mobility or other physical problems and contact telephone numbers. This information may be required for the purpose of organising events, outings and holidays. This information is kept only for the duration of the specific event unless the member or supporter gives permission for it to be stored.
  4. Data is stored in a secure computer or paper filing system. Paper copies are removed for the purpose of meetings, outings or events. Data is never removed outside the European Union. When a member or supporter leaves Art Fiends Warwickshire their data is removed from these systems.
  5. Art Friends Warwickshire does not share the membership list with any other organisation or person. Individual names may be shared with outside agents, such as hotels, only for the purposes of an event. The Committee will ensure that such organisations comply with GDPR in the use of this information.
  6. The data is used for the following purposes: to organise and run meetings, events and outings for the benefit of the members and supporters to market meetings, events and outings to provide statistics for the running of Art Friends Warwickshire to provide information to members and supporters through a newsletter, and the Annual General Meeting
  7. Members and supporters have the following rights with regard to their data: to receipt of a copy of this policy to have access to the information held about them to correct, restrict access or erase the information held to object to the information being used or publicised for a particular purpose
    to request that the information is removed to another association if they leave Art Friends Warwickshire.
    to be informed if there has been a data breach. To advise the Data Controller, a member or supporter should contact Alex Corrin using the form below
  8. Policy agreed by the Committee of Art Friends Warwickshire. March 2020