Art Friends Warwickshire is a not-for-profit organisation which organises arts-related events, open to members and non-members, to raise funds for arts organisations.

We provide sociable opportunities for like-minded art lovers to discover more about a wide spectrum of the arts.

We link with many complementary art institutions including Compton Verney and the University of Warwick’s History of Art Department to bring a programme of lectures, visits and tours.

We often make Donations to institutions and organisations that provide us services and support free-of-charge. The full list of Donations may be seen HERE

Surpluses from our events are used to fund arts-related grants. The full list of Awards may be seen HERE.

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As a responsible organisation, we have established a Constitution, Privacy Policy, Refunds Policy and have taken out appropriate insurance cover. Our activities and financial situation are reported to members at the Annual Meeting.


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